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What is NZ Fulvic?

NZ Fulvic is a natural ingredient that has been used as a health tonic supplement in traditional practice for many years. Taken daily, it supports cellular metabolism through nutrient absorption, to energise your body. We extract NZ Fulvic from a mineral-rich soil seam deep within Aotearoa, New Zealand, one of the purest forms. We then carefully blend it with mineral water to bring you a clear, natural, refreshing tonic that’s vegan, keto friendly, sugar free and 100% natural.

Why do we need NZ Fulvic?

Agricultural intensification has stripped much of the goodness and nutrients from the Earth’s surface, resulting in a 70% reduction in Fulvic levels. This means that the food grown today only contains between 20-30% of the nutrients found in food eaten by our grandparents when they were children.

How does it work?

The structure of NZ Fulvic means it can easily penetrate living cells to deliver essential minerals, support the removal of toxins and support normal cell function and energy. Today scientists continue to discover the effects of NZ Fulvic when we add it to our diets replenishing our bodies with many of the essential minerals, we need to support the absorption of nutrients, support immunity, energy and cleansing of toxins from the body.

Where does NZ Fulvic come from?

New Zealand, a landscape once blanketed in lush, fertile forest, has uncovered a new Fulvic seam. Located in the country’s South Island, this NZ Fulvic has remained untouched for millions of years, making it one of the purest the world has seen.

NuCell+Daily Tonic helps to make nutrients more available from the food we ingest and helps correct deficiencies.

What is the role of NuCell+ Daily Tonic in sport & exercise?

NuCell+ Daily Tonic’s minerals support oxygen uptake which supports muscle activity, reduces muscle fatigue and supports healthy lactic acid levels and recovery rate. This makes a NuCell+ Daily Tonic supplement ideal for general training and high-level sports activity. Add it to your pre-workout drink for an extra boost, a post-workout recovery shot or both!

The use of NuCell+ Daily Tonic in sport is growing rapidly. If you are a keen and dedicated sports-person or athlete, make NuCell+ Daily Tonic a part of your daily exercise and training regime.

Is NuCell+ Daily Tonic safe for me to take?

NuCell+ Daily Tonic is non-GMO, free from gluten, yeast, wheat, dairy, soya and other allergens. NuCell+ Daily Tonic should not be taken together with pharmaceuticals, alcohol and other natural substances

Pregnant women should avoid using NuCell+ Daily Tonic or any Fulvic supplements.

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